Frequently Asked Questions / Troubleshooting Guide


Why won’t my grill light?
If you are having trouble when lighting your grill, it may be due to one of the following reasons:
• The Hotrod is not heating up.
• The induction fan is not running.
• There are no pellets being fed to the firepot.
If you are experiencing any of these issues, please give our customer service line a call so we can help to resolve it.

Why won’t my grill power on?
If you are having trouble powering on your grill, it may be due to one of the following reasons:
• A faulty power outlet.
• GFCI on the outlet is tripped.
• A faulty extension cord or break in the extension cord.
• A blown fuse on the back of the controller.
If you are experiencing any of these issues, please give our customer service line a call so we can help to resolve it.

Why is my grill tripping the GFCI?
If you are having trouble with your grill tripping the GFCI on your outlet it could be due to one of the components in the grill being bad and shorting out the ground. The most common cause would be the hotrod. Followed by: induction fan, auger motor, or the controller.
If you are experiencing any of these issues, please give our customer service line a call so we can help to resolve it.

Why is my Auger not moving?
If you are having trouble turning your Auger on it could be due to the following reasons:
• Jammed auger, caused by moisture in the pellets.
• A broken shear pin that holds the auger motor to the auger.
• A broken gear in the auger motor.
• The auger motor is not getting power from the controller to the red wires.
If you are experiencing any of these issues, please give our customer service line a call so we can help to resolve it.

Why is my fan not turning?
If you are having trouble with your induction fan not running it may be due to one of the following reasons:
• There is no power from the controller to the orange wires.
• The grease on the shaft of the fan is seized due to a lack of consistent use. Try spinning the fan a few times to loosen it.
• There is a wire or other obstruction keeping the fan from being able to spin properly.
If you are experiencing any of these issues, please give our customer service line a call so we can help to resolve it.

What are the different temperatures for Smoke, Medium, and High?
• Smoke: 160-200ºF
• Medium: 250-300ºF
• High:400-450º

Why is my grill running so hot on Smoke?
The temperature for Smoke can be affected by a variety of things, such as outside weather. This is due to the timed cycle it uses and will cause it to either run hotter or cooler depending on hotter or cooler weather conditions. Generally, if the grill is running too hot on the Smoke setting it is because the lid was not left open long enough after starting the grill. We recommend leaving the lid open for a full 10 minutes after firing up the grill to allow the start-up fuel to burn off before shutting the lid.

My grill isn’t getting hot enough.
If your grill is not getting above 400ºF on the High setting, it could be due to the following reasons:
The most common cause is by using off brand pellets, old pellets or pellets that have pulled in moisture resulting in a lower temperature.
Poor airflow to the grill, which is generally caused by an ash buildup in the firepot, rusted holes in the firepot, a tightened chimney cap, a weak induction fan, or the RTD temperature probe inside the grill could be dirty or leaning too closely to the body of the grill.
If you are experiencing any of these issues, please give our customer service line a call so we can help to resolve it.

Do I have to use Buffalo Grills Pellets?
We recommend only using our 100% natural, filler and chemical free, hardwood pellets in each of our Buffalo grills. This is for the best quality and health assurance.

Do any of Buffalo’s Pellets contain nuts?
Yes, pellets such as the Pecan may contain trace amounts of nuts.

Can I put firebricks in my Buffalo grill?
We do not recommend the use of firebricks in any of our grills.

Can I change the pellet flavors in my hopper?
Yes. To change the pellet flavor in any of our grills you need to scoop out the current flavor with a small container, then fill the hopper with your new flavor.

Is it okay to mix pellet flavors?
You may mix any of our pellets together to create your own individual flavor blend.

How long is too long to leave my grill unattended?
This is solely dependent on the grill model. You want to remember to keep the pellet hopper at least half full at all times. On average, you use 1 lb. per hour on Smoke and up to 3 lbs. per hour on higher temperatures. With larger hoppers, you may leave the grill unattended longer than on the smaller.

My grill is going out on Smoke.
If you are having trouble with your grill going out on the Smoke setting, it may be due to one of the following reasons:
• The most common cause is that the pellets in the hopper are getting too low and tunneling out.
• High wind conditions.
• Poor airflow to the grill.
• The pause timing for the auger cycle is too long for the current weather conditions.
If you are experiencing any of these issues, please give our customer service line a call so we can help to resolve it.

Can my Buffalo grill sear?
Yes. Searing happens at temperatures above 300ºF. On the High setting, our grills can reach above 400ºF.

Do I always have to use pellets when cooking on my grill?
Yes. The main source of heat in your grill comes from the hardwood pellets.

How long will my bag of pellets last?
Our bags are 20 lbs. a piece, and you can plan on using 1-3 lbs. per hour. This means one 20 lb. bag will power your grill for 20 hours on Smoke and 6 hours per bag while cooking on a Medium or High setting.

Why is my grill not smoking?
Smoke is generated intermittently with a Buffalo grill and should be visible every 2-4 minutes. The higher you set the temperature, the less smoke the pellets will produce.

How high should I place my Chimney Cap?
You want to be sure to keep a 1-2-inch gap between the top of the chimney pipe and the bottom of the chimney cap, otherwise you will have poor airflow.

Does my grill have to be plugged in to work?
Our Buffalo grills only operate when connected to power. Electricity powers the controller, which maintains the temperature of the grill; the auger which delivers pellets to the firepot; the induction fan, which moves the smoke throughout the cooking chamber.

How large should temperature swings be?
You can expect to see temperature swings of about 20 degrees under normal conditions.

What fuse does my Buffalo grill use?
The fuse size is 3-4 Amps, 250 Volts.

Can I use an inverter with my grill?
Yes. You can run a Buffalo grill on a 400-watt inverter.

What size generator do I need to run my grill?
We recommend using a 1000-watt generator to run your Buffalo grill.

How much power does a Buffalo grill use?
Buffalo grills use about 4 Amps for the first 4 minutes, then it drops to 1.5 Amps for the remainder of the cooking process.

What are your pellets made from?
Our pellets are made from 100% pure, food-grade hardwood.

Can I use heating pellets in my Buffalo grill?
No. Our grills are built to function with Buffalo Grills brand food-grade pellets. Other heating pellets contain dangerous materials such as glue, or chemicals that are not safe for consumption.

Should I clean my grill often?
We recommend that you clean your grill grate after every cooking session, vacuuming out ash every 2-3 cooking sessions – and before lengthier cooks. As well as a deep clean 2-3 times per year, and changing the foil on your drip tray and emptying the drip bucket as needed.

How long will it take my grill to cool down?
It takes around an hour for the grill to cool completely.

How long will it take for my grill to get above 400°F?
Depending on the weather conditions and condition of the pellets, it can take around 20-30 minutes to fully heat up to 400ºF.

Where are Buffalo grills made?
Since our debut in 2018 all of our grills have been manufactured with high standards in China. Due to the projected overwhelming number of grills expected to be purchased, we will continue to produce overseas to keep up with increased demand.

What is the limited warranty on my Buffalo grill?
Our grills have a 3-year limited warranty.

How should I start my grill?
Always start your Buffalo grill on Smoke with the lid open. Flip the power switch to the ON position and leave the lid open for 8-10 minutes before closing. You may then turn temperature to your desired setting.

Are all of the mechanics for my grill sold separately?
Yes, you may purchase all of the mechanical parts for your grill separately.

How many OHMs should the Hotrod read?
The hotrod should read 74 OHM’s.

How are my pellets held together?
Pellets are compressed with 10,000 lbs. of pressure and the natural glutens in the wood hold them together. No additional binders are used.

Should I line my grease bucket?
We recommend lining the grease bucket with aluminum foil for easy clean up.

Is it okay for my drip tray or heat baffle to warp?
It is okay for the heat baffle to warp, but not the drip tray.

Is it okay for my grease pan or heat baffle to rust?
Yes. Due to the nature of the steel used when manufacturing these grills, you may eventually see some rust develop on the surface of the heat baffle, as well as the drain pan.

Why is my paint peeling?
The bubbling or slight peeling of paint on your Buffalo grill is due to temperatures reaching over 600°F.

How long will my Hotrod last?
You can expect your Hotrod to last 1-3 years on average.

How far into the Firepot should I install my Hotrod?
The hot rod should be installed about 1/8th inch into the firepot.

How do I remove an auger jam?
To clear an auger jam please adhere to the following steps:
• Remove the outer shell of the pellet hopper by removing the 4 Phillips head screws and sliding the hopper shell off the end of the grill.
• Remove the 5/16th nut from the shear pin that holds the auger motor to the auger shaft.
• Remove the flat head screw that holds the white plastic bushing in place.
• Use a 12-inch pipe wrench and lock it onto the end of the auger shaft.
• Rotate the auger counterclockwise until the auger comes completely out of the tube.
• Once the auger is removed, clean out any jam that may be left inside the auger tube.
• Replace auger, assembling in reverse order.

How should I store my pellets?
We recommend that you store your pellets indoors in their original bags. Place bags in a sealed container to prevent moisture build up.

Can I leave my pellets outdoors?
We don’t recommend storing your pellets outdoors.

Is it okay to use my Buffalo grill in the rain?
It is an electrical appliance so take necessary precautions when using in the rain.

What is the P-Setting?
The P-setting is used to affect all the temperatures of the grill except the “high” setting. If you set your grill to 225 degrees, the internal temperature probe tells the controller to run the auger until the desired temperature is reached- 225° in this case. Once this temperature is reached, the grill defaults back to its P-setting logic until it hits two degrees below the desired temp- or 223°. In which case the internal thermometer kicks back into gear and the cycle continues. P-settings directly affect your grill mainly on the Smoke setting, and indirectly on all others up to the High setting.

Can I buy the hopper/burners separately?
Due to liability reasons we do not currently offer hopper/burners to be sold separately from our grills.

My auger is making a strange noise.
The auger motor will, from time to time, make whining and groaning noises during normal operation. Generally, this occurs when the auger is trying to break through a longer pellet, in which it makes a “popping” noise as it breaks through.

How long will it take to assemble my Buffalo grill?
Most models will take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to completely assemble.

How do I shut down my grill?
Once you have finished cooking, turn the grill down to the Shut Down setting on the controller and allow the shut down cycle to complete (usually 10 minutes). The induction fan will shut off automatically after 10 minutes. After the induction fan shuts off, turn the power switch to the OFF position.

Why is my grill smoking, but not igniting?
If your grill is getting pellets to the firepot and producing small amounts of smoke, the most likely scenario is that the induction fan is not feeding air to the fire properly. Take a look under the pellet hopper and locate the 4″ induction fan to see if it is running. If the fan is not running, turn the grill off, then spin the fan manually about 15-20 times each way to loosen the grease around the shaft. More than likely this occurs when the grill has been sitting unused for long periods of time, or if it is really cold out. This may cause the grease on the fan to seize, which prevents it from moving.

I set my grill to smoke, but I see a fire.
The grill must keep a flame going in order to produce smoke. When on Smoke, it will feed enough pellets on a set cycle to keep the flame stable to ensure that the fire does not go out.

How do I apply for a rebate?
Rebates can be applied for on our website.

When can I expect my rebate?
Rebates usually take anywhere from 10-12 weeks for processing and delivery.

My rebate was declined. Why?
For claim redemption inquiries please contact our customer service line.

What is your return policy?
For questions regarding our return policy, please contact our customer service line.

How do I return my grill?
To start the return process, please contact the customer service line.

Do you offer trade-ins?
We do not currently offer trade ins.

Do you offer any military discounts?
We do not currently offer any military discounts.

Do you charge taxes and shipping?
There are taxes and shipping included in every online order.

How long does it take an order to ship?
Orders can take anywhere from 1-2 business days to ship once the order has been placed.

Where can I find my tracking number?
Once your package has left the warehouse you will receive an email with the tracking information.

Do I have to be at home when my grill is delivered?
Most of our packages require signature. Some carriers will leave at their discretion.

My package arrived damaged. What do I do?
If your package arrived damaged please contact our customer service line for next steps.

My package never arrived. Who should I contact?
If you are missing a shipment please contact our customer service line for next steps.

Where do you ship orders from?
Orders will be shipped through our warehouse in Georgia.

I returned an item but haven’t received a refund.
If you have questions regarding your refund please contact our customer service line.